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BSI Insta-Set 2oz CA Accelerator


BSI Maxi-Cure Pocket 4oz Extra Thick CA Super Glue w/ Pin Cap


BSI Maxi-Cure 2oz Extra Thick CA Super Glue


BSI Plastic-Cure 1/2oz Plastic Model Glue


10 Five Star Reviews

  • They work great


    - Michael M.
  • Great product

    Exactly what I was looking for to identify different squads!

    - Alexander M.
  • Squad marks is the BOMB!

    Squad marks is the BOMB! These things are perfect for delineating unit differences and a quick and easy magnetization. Only thing I wish there was more of was if there were more color variations for colors not quite enough.

  • Highly Recommend

    These things are terrific. No more magnetizing every base of the models I’m transporting. Great pricing and fast shipping - will be ordering a ton more soon!

    - Mark M.
  • Soviet infantry are usually hard

    Soviet infantry are usually hard to keep in units when gaming. These are just what is needed to keep units together.

    - CHARLES C.
  • The best magnetic bases I have found!

    Works great. Love the fit and how strong the magnet is. Will be buying a ton more for all my armies.

    - Curtis J.
  • Above and Beyond

     Mason at Squad Markers went above and beyond to help me find the correct items I needed for my large collection of models. I've made 3 orders in the last month and with Mason's help have located other metal plates for storage purposes. I hope to have pictures to share in a month or so.

    - Michael G.
  • Perfect

    Love the new base format The new format of this base design is way better then the single size base. Slips on much easier. Wish the 40mms came this way.

    - Alex C.
  • Love the new base format

    I have always been a fan of fantasy and enjoyed reading Roland's Path. The author's passion for the world he is building shines through every page. He reminded why I like this genre. The only drawback was that the novel could have used a good edit. While I would knock off a couple tenths of a point for that, I have no reservation in rounding up and look forward to RJ's next book.

    - Kevin B.
  • Easy to use

    Great for helping you figure out which units go to which squadron.... plus they're magnetic.

    - Roger G.
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